"DMSG are really excited to be a key sponsor the DVLA Code Challenge this year. As a company based in Cardiff we feel its vital to support IT initiatives for children in Wales. The funding we are donating will be used to provide much needed IT equipment to households and schools across South Wales. 

Working with government agencies like DVLA we understand that Wales is a fantastic pool for IT talent though there is so much more that can be done.  Encouraging IT education for children and supporting initiatives like this will make computing accessible to a future generation of IT professionals. These professionals will help shape welsh businesses, transform IT services and inject life into an already growing and thriving economy."

Richard Foster, Technical Director at DMSG

Target Group

"Target Group is proud to be sponsoring the DVLA Code Challenge. As a Welsh based business, we’re delighted to be supporting the development of vital skills in local children, such as computer programming, problem solving and team working. We wish all the participants the best of luck with their entries!"

Nigel Hance, Target Group

Telereal Trillium Logo

"Telereal Trillium’s corporate responsibility programme is ‘‘Helping People into the Workplace’ and it aims to support individuals of all ages. It’s never too early to start building lifelong skills like problem solving, communication, and teamwork that will help in preparing these young children for successful paths and careers ahead of them. We’re delighted to be sponsoring the DVLA Code Challenge and wish all the participants the very best success."

James Davies, Facilities Director at [DVLA Swansea for] Telereal Trillium


Sandhurst Autoprint Logo
"As a longstanding supplier to the DVLA we have built up an excellent relationship and we are delighted to be able to support and sponsor this competition

The aims and objectives of providing access to schoolchildren to computer equipment will help shape the future and should be actively encouraged. We would like to wish good luck to all schools who participate."

Trevor Gray Group Operations Director, Sandhurst Autoprint


Muhlbauer High Tech International Logo

"We are Mühlbauer High Tech International. Our businesses fall into Semiconductor Industry, Smart Card Manufacturing Field, Flexible Thin Film, Concentrator Solar Technology as well as New Technologies. That is why we truly believe that our youth is our future, and that it’s important to take social responsibility and help where help is needed. For this reason we – the Mühlbauer group regularly support schools as well as projects like “technic for kids”.

FlorianWallner  Mühlbauer GmbH & Co. – Germany

Ocean Sole Logo
"We are a social enterprise paying communities in Kenya to collect flip flops and turn them into creative art pieces. We believe that solutions for the future well-being of our oceans and planet will come from creativity and technology and one day one of the people taking part in the DVLA Code Club Challenge will come up with the key to cleaning up our oceans."

Ocean Sole


The Whale Company Logo

"At The Whale Company we care deeply about trying to protect humpbacks and all marine wildlife from plastic in the ocean...  with our organic cotton Whalebags you never need to use a plastic bag ever again.  We also make Stand Up Paddle boards out of waste plastic bottles - and have just done 12 SUP marathons in 12 countries in Europe to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean.  We are supporting your competition as we want you all to Stand Up for a Better World."

The Whale Company

Water to go logo

"We are delighted to be able to support this competition by the DVLA. It is a terrific initiative to engage young people in technology by creating games that highlights real issues in our world today. This has the potential to educate the next generation in combining world issues into a popular medium that could have bigger consequences than people might imagine.

At Water-to-Go, we want to give the world safe, clean water that they can afford. Our unique filter uses 3 different technologies to eliminate 99.9% of microbiological contaminants in water including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Whilst it is simple and easy to use, with the correct distribution we can help counter the impact on many water borne diseases and minimising the damage done to the environment from plastic pollution. We hope this competition will inspire the next generation to make a difference and achieve great things."



Simply Straws Logo
"Plastic has become one of those mindless conveniences, the impact is no longer sustainable or acceptable.  We are excited to support this event as it will educate young people and help them take action toward a better tomorrow."

Simply Straws

British Telecoms Logo

"BT are delighted to support this competition by offering a number of prizes from our range. Our Tech literacy programme seeks to excite children about technology and this competition is a perfect example of how this can be achieved."

British Telecom


Mobilise Logo

“The future is digital, and Wales needs to work hard to build a technology based knowledge economy. The fundamental way to do this is through technology based education which will create a skilled workforce which will attract inward investment looking for talent, and also foster an indigenous digital start-up culture which drives innovation. Organisations such as Code Club and Stemnet help encourage children at a young age embrace coding challenges in a fun way that will hopefully encourage them to pursue education and later work in the technology sphere. This competition encourages analytical thinking which in vital across a number of computing and engineering disciplines and DVLA’s involvement gives it a great profile. Mobilise is delighted to be involved and will be looking out for future digital superstars.”

James Carnie - Mobilise